Valentine's Day is the sweetest holiday of the year and celebrating it while you are single is a loving treat that you should gift to yourself!! Having a special V-day just by yourself is a great opportunity to remind yourself of how loved and special you are and how blessed you are to be your amazing self! After all, the more you love and appreciate yourself, the more you manifest and attract your true soulmate in your life.

Here are some ideas on how to have an amazing Valentine's Day by yourself:

Eat breakfast in bed
Start the day with making yourself a nice sweet yummy breakfast ( like waffles with chocolate strawberries and hot cocoa ) and eat it in your bed while listening to your favorite playlist.

Get a fresh new haircut/haircolor
Treat yourself with a new hairstyle or fresh haircolor at your favorite hair-salon! Make sure to call for an appointment ahead of time, because the days around Vday tend to get busy.

Have an at-home spa experience
Pamper yourself at home with a nice bubble bath, scented candles, lotion, face masks and do your pretty nails! You will feel so good, special and lovely!

Go to a concert
There is always a chance that one of your favorite bands may be having a show around Valentine's. Make sure you don't miss it!

Buy yourself a gift
It could be something you've wanted for a very long time, something special from your wishlist. Whatever it is, you deserve to have it!

Turn your phone off
Spend time with yourself without the distraction of checking texts and emails. Indulge in your favorite hobbies and forget about social media for the day.

Check on your self-care
It's the perfect time to remind yourself that your time and energy are the most valuable part of your daily life. Setting limits and boundaries and clearly expressing them to anyone is self-love and self-care. Make sure you only have positive people around you, stay away from negative people and their drama - any relationship you create with them would always be dysfunctional.

Have a heart-shaped pizza for dinner
Order yourself a heart-shaped pizza for dinner (or why not even bake one)

Watch a romantic movie with a glass of pink champagne
 Watch your favorite romantic movie on Valentine's night - someday when you find yourself with your soulmate, you will remember this special night of your life and it will make you smile!

Bake yourself a cake
You can cook dinner any day you want, but making a cake (or a cupcake!) feels special, and why not bake one for yourself!

And tell someone special to you that you love them!